From 3D models to production drawings using AI

Streamline Your Fabrication Drawing Process – From Weeks to Minutes with DraftAid's Advanced AI Technology 

Works with all major 3D modelling software

Free designers from trivial and repetitive work

Preparing detailed drawings is tedious and error-prone. Reclaim time for actions that provide value, not busy work.

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    Lengthy Fabrication Drawing Process

    Traditional methods for creating 2D fabrication drawings are a major time sink, often leading to extended project timelines and increased operational costs.

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    Misallocated Engineering Expertise

    Skilled engineers frequently find themselves tied up in repetitive drawing tasks, preventing them from focusing on more complex and innovative aspects of their work. 

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    Risk of Drawing Inconsistencies

    Manual drawing processes are susceptible to human error, leading to inconsistencies and inaccuracies that can cause significant downstream manufacturing issues.

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    Avoid Manufacturing Downtime

    Delays in design and drafting leave the manufacturing line stagnant. Teams strive to keep their manufacturing lines running constantly and uninterrupted to maximize efficiency  

DraftAidAI-Powered Drawing Automation

 DraftAid frees drafters from drawing friction and drawing errors.

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Effortless Integration,

Exceptional Results

Streamline Your Design Process in Three Simple Steps with DraftAid

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    Seamless Integration

    Easily integrate DraftAid into your existing CAD software. With just a few clicks, DraftAid becomes a part of your design toolkit, ready to transform your drawing process without disrupting your workflow. 

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    One-Click Automation

    Initiate the drawing process with a single click. DraftAid's AI algorithm takes over, swiftly converting 3D models into precise and consistent 2D fabrication drawings, saving hours of manual effort. 

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    Review and Finalize

    Quickly review the automatically generated drawings for peace of mind. With DraftAid's high accuracy, this step is just a formality. Finalize your designs with confidence, knowing they meet your exacting standards. 


Hear from Our Clients

Who've Transformed Their Design Process with DraftAid

A Bit Nervous About Using DraftAid, But It's Been Great

When I first got my hands on the DraftAid demo, I was pretty excited but also a bit anxious. It seemed like a great tool to cut down on the tedious tasks, yet I was concerned that it might be tough to get the hang of and take up a lot of time. And I was really curious about how it would manage the more complex stuff, like those detailed curtainwall profiles.

Turns out, I was pleasantly surprised! I found myself quickly creating drawings with just one click, and they barely needed any extra finessing from me. What’s more, DraftAid was impressively accurate in picking up on those nuances that sometimes even the experienced drafters overlook.

Getting on board with this AI tech has really upped the game for our work. It's made our drawings more accurate, cut down on errors, and saved a bunch of time. Sure, it's not perfect yet, but the potential DraftAid has is huge. It’s making a big difference for folks in design, engineering, modeling, and fabrication by helping produce really high-quality drawings. 

J. Emata, Facade designer for 10 years

Wasn't Sure About DraftAid, But It's Winning Me Over 

When I first came across DraftAid, to be honest, I wasn’t sure about it. Experience has taught me that AI tools have their limitations. The question nagging at me was: sure, it can crank out drawings, but would they be clear and straightforward enough for everyone on my team to understand?

Yet, as I started to use DraftAid, I've got to say it's been quite the game-changer. It's a real time-saver and consistently nails the details, especially with dimensions for holes and slots. And man, has it sped up my process of making drawings by 3X!

Of course, being an AI tool, there was a bit of a learning phase with DraftAid. I needed to invest some time to "train" it to deliver drawings the way we needed. But throughout this process, the DraftAid team was right there with me, super supportive and active.

So far, DraftAid has been impressively solid. And given the commitment I've seen from the DraftAid team, I'm pretty excited about its future in making manual drawing a thing of the past.

J. Laranjo, CNC programmer for 8 years

Seamlessly Integrate
with Your Existing Tools

 DraftAid is built to seamlessly integrate with a variety of major CAD software, ensuring a smooth transition and enhancing your existing systems without the need for extensive retraining or overhaul 

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