Does your drafting team spend more time making drawings than they do modeling?

DraftAId can generate dimensioned fabrication drawings from 3D models with a single click. 

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Who Is this for?

DraftAid is designed for high-efficiency drafting teams who are looking to streamline their fabrication drawing process, save time, and increase accuracy by generating accurate and consistent drawings with just a single click

For Drafting Managers

 Meet deadlines by reducing the time your team spends on drawings.

For Draftpersons

 Simplify your work and produce drawings in a single click. 

For Manufacturing Teams

 Get the details and dimensions you need to make and check parts.

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Unlock the power of automation for your fabrication drawing process

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    Fabrication Drawing Generation

    With DraftAId, you can generate fabrication drawings in Autodesk Inventor with just a single click, saving you valuable time and effort. Our automated software ensures accurate and consistent drawings, reducing the risk of errors and rework.

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    Customization and Configuration

    DraftAId can be customized and configured to meet the specific needs of your drafting team. Our experts can work with you to tailor the software to your unique requirements, ensuring maximum efficiency and productivity in your drafting process.

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    Training and Support

    We provide comprehensive training and support services to help you get up and running with DraftAId quickly and smoothly. Our team of experts is available to answer your questions, provide guidance, and troubleshoot any issues that may arise.

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    Software Updates and Maintenance

    As technology evolves, we continuously update and improve DraftAId to ensure it remains a cutting-edge solution for fabrication drawing automation. Our regular software updates and maintenance services ensure that you always have access to the latest features and enhancements.

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    Integration Services

    DraftAId can be integrated seamlessly into your existing workflow, allowing you to maximize its benefits without disrupting your current processes. Our integration services help you seamlessly incorporate DraftAId into your drafting workflow, making it an integral part of your daily operations.

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    Consultation and Optimization

    Our team of experts can provide consultation and optimization services to help you further optimize your drafting process. We can analyze your current workflow, identify areas for improvement, and provide recommendations to help you achieve even better results with DraftAId.

What they say about us

Hear what our satisfied customers have to say about their experience with DraftAId!

  • Since implementing DraftAId into our drafting process, our efficiency has skyrocketed. The ability to generate fabrication drawings in Autodesk Inventor with just a single click has saved us a significant amount of time and effort. The drawings are accurate and consistent, reducing the risk of errors and rework. The customization options and excellent support from the DraftAId team have made the transition seamless. We highly recommend DraftAId to any drafting team looking to optimize their workflow and increase productivity."

    John Kurt
  • We were skeptical that DraftAId would be able to automatically generate our fabrication drawings. But once we started using it the results spoke for themselves. DraftAId generated consistent drawings each time and used our templates and style. Moving to 3D models hurt our teams productivity but with DraftAid we've been to address our drawing challenges. 

    Samuel Hunter, Drafter
  • Using DraftAId has boosted our teams' efficiency by completely automating our drawing process.. It helped us stay on schedule to meet our milestones. It's also simplified our drawing process by having less team members needed to make and review drawings. It was also easy for our team to learn as it was a single button click. 

    Mark Jobs, Drafting Manager

Get started with DraftAId today

Create your first drawing in under 1 minute. Accelerate your drawing efforts with AI-powered drawings!

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